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How to determine extra Wealth at leveling

  1. Assign skill points from leveling
  2. Make profession check with the DC = current wealth bonus
  3. Gain +1 wealth bonus. For every five by which you beat the DC, gain an additional +1 wealth bonus (If the DC was 5, and you rolled a 16, you would gain +3 wealth bonus)
  4. Gain additional wealth based on your ranks in Profession (1-5 = +1, 6-10 = +2, so on)

enjoy fat stacks

How to use Craft (electronic, mechanical, structural)

  1. Find the Purchase DC of the item you want to craft. This includes gadgets and modifiers due to Progress Level (We are PL7, items in a lesser PL have a cumulative -2 modifier on Purchase DCs).
  2. Compare the Purchase DC of the item to the appropriate Craft skill chart (d20 Modern, pg.53). Find the closest Craft DC your Purchase DC matches or exceeds.
  3. Make a Wealth check against the Purchase DC on the Craft chart corresponding to the appropriate Craft DC from Step 2. After spending the listed amount of time crafting the desired item, make a Craft check against the appropriate Craft DC.

In d20 Future, robot parts have specific craft DCs. Ignore those, and instead adapt them to the system above.

Zero G Universal Robot Template


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